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Efficient Capital Strategies, LLC

Serving clients from RI, NY, MA. Investment Management with Discretionary Authority, Investment Advisory Services, Consulting, and Financial Planning.

Efficient Capital Strategies, LLC shares a long-term, patient, and truly multi-generational approach to building and sustaining wealth.

Investment Process

Consider your financial position, assets, liabilities, cash flows, and liquidity.
Understand and manage your constraints.
Assess your current investments and existing managers.
Evaluate the optimal asset ownership and location to maximize returns.

Investment Management and Wealth Planning

Thoroughly understand financial and non-financial objectives.
Analyze how the moving parts of your life will impact your investment strategy.
Assess your financial and emotional tolerance for risk.
Develop a truly custom investment strategy.
Evolve strategies as markets change and the moving parts of your life unfold.
Employ a rigorous and transparent investment process.

Manage Risk

Allocate investments to sustainable investment themes, innovative strategies, top-tier managers, and applying modest tactical allocation tilts to strategic policy.
Evaluate risks through quantitative tools and qualitative scenario analysis.
Challenge industry convention and maintain a healthy skepticism toward the claims of an investment industry that all too often over-promises and under-delivers.

Portfolio Design

Allocate to asset classes on the basis of the expectations of their after-tax returns.
Employ index strategies for most public asset classes to reduce fees, expenses, trading costs, and taxes.
Formulate an investment policy and strategy that reflects the current market environment and your constraints.
Stress-test the policy to confirm the long term probability of meeting your goals.
Review analysis and recommendations with you to ensure the portfolio meets your objectives.


Manage the implementation process to minimize tax and transaction costs.
Employ low cost & tax efficient vehicles for most public investments.
Assess and control risk through ongoing macro research, scenario testing, tactical policy shifts, and portfolio rebalancing.

Customized Investment Solutions

Optimize investment results for each unique family.
Build and manage customized solutions.
Consider different objectives, balance sheets, tax situations, entity structures, and other needs on a case-by-case basis.
Clients are not herded into one-size-fits-all commingled funds, which dilute their flexibility and present hidden costs.

Mission Statement

Efficient Capital Strategies, LLC works for families, not institutional investors. The goal is to provide your family with excellent service and access when required.

Jon Kuczmarski, MBA

Mr. Jonathan D. Kuczmarski is the Chief Compliance Officer and Investment Advisor Representative for Efficient Capital Strategies, LLC.

Mr. Kuczmarski has worked at firms including JW Seligman & Co, Aldershot Capital LLC, Copia Trading LLC and Whalerock Point Partners, LLC. Since graduating Harvard University in 2002, Jon has spent his entire career in the investment management industry.


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